Hello and welcome!

Isabell Janssen has worked under the name Outsider.i since her studies at AMFI in Amsterdam. In their work as a photographer she captures authentic images centring the beautiful diversity of humans. With an eagerness to learn, she explores connection and humanity in her work and uses photography to represent non-dominant communities.
She strives to use their creativity to tell stories, connect people, and make individuals curious about the world. Whether it’s in a personal project or commercial commissions, she empowers her subjects and conveys a sense of honesty and rawness, resulting in intimate story-telling images that make the viewer wonder.

Why Outsider?

The idea of being an outsider once made me feel unsettled but turned out to be a superpower. It made me able to see things from other perspectives and to understand non-dominant communities from all over the world. It gave me an innate drive to create a place for all those who are too often denied their voice and representation.

About the work

Representation in visual art is important. Seeing yourself represented in a wide range of media outlets through all paths of life makes it possible to see possibilities that are out there for you. I wish this feeling of empowerment for everyone and through my work I hope to contribute to this in conjunction with my clients. To do this, I place a strong focus on LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC people in my work.