A little about me

Outsider.i is a visual portfolio created by Isabell Janssen [she/they]. Isabell uses concept, design and visual creation (photography and film) to celebrate diversity, empowering others through representation and education.

With every project I do, I strive to shake things up and create meaningful projects. To achieve this, I work closely with my clients and search for ways to leave a positive mark. Bold ideas, true representation, respectful research and inclusive design are key aspects of this process.

The key to making impact is being self-aware, never making assumptions, maintaining an open mind, and listening to other people.

Never stop seeking

I never stop seeking. Seek out new ideas, inspiration, talent, and companies. Dream big. Explore the unknown. Strive to achieve the impossible.

I believe it’s time to stop trashing the planet we have and instead use our creativity to protect and love it. Because brands can be used for good and we're on a journey to do so.

Always stay

If you’re stubborn as a rock and won’t move, the world will continue to move beyond you. Nothing stays the same and you need to understand how and when to change. Be mindful of history and the present, but  always look to the future. Be curious for new ideas and look for ways to improve.

Respect is at the core of my work. Respect your colleagues, your clients, the industry, the environment, and the universe at large. Because, when you have respect for others, you will approach the world with an open view.


Empower individuals to be themselves and support them to develop their talents through collaboration. I believe that business is a two-way street and giving back will bring you so much joy and fulfilment.


Be bold,  dare to speak your minds. Know that you can and will change the world. Don't be afraid to explore new territory, try new things and speak up when it’s right to do so.

There is no better time than now

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here to make a impact on the world a create a more equal, inclusive and creative Environment for everyone!