North Fest

Project Info

NorthFest is a local food, ingredients and beverage festival at Amsterdam North at the NDSM terrain. The two-day festival celebrates the unique and diverse flavours of locally grown goodness and amazing local cuisines. We started this design project to challenge personal creativity and go offline to create with our hands.

For color, we were inspired by the wide range of vegetables and fruits that can be grown in The Netherlands. By playing around with opposites and exploring tension between colours, we created a pallet that is both dynamic, and calming to the eye.

For the logo, we worked with P22 Mackinac Pro, designed and developed by Mike Beens, from the P22 Type Foundry. We modified it to better fit the brands identity.

We hope this project has inspired you to think about a brand, festival, place or product you would like to see in the future and take the first step towards creating something. The best thing on earth is to create, so get your hands dirty!

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