Week Tegen Eenzaamheid — Ministry

The loneliness of elderly people in the ‘well connected age’ seems to only get worse and worse. With social bonds becoming weaker, communities breaking-up and families’ ties having changed over the decades. Volunteering can be a great way to connect elderly people with others and to create small moments of joy and connection.

This important campaign for the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport focusses on three different organisations who all created unique ways of bringing elderly people closer to the people around them, through sharing a meal, going out for a walk, or enjoying an activity together.

One against loneliness is the action program in which the Ministry works together with municipalities, organisations and companies to reduce loneliness in the Netherlands.

It has been heartwarming to capture this campaign, and I’m very grateful to Bruut Amsterdam for making me part of such an inspirational project again and for Open Now Amsterdam for creating such a beautiful creative direction and concept.

Great thanks to Thuisgekookt, NLvoorElkaar and NLCare together with Ted Alkemade and Soundsright Studio’s Amsterdam.

External Credits
Concept Open Now
Production Bruut Amsterdam
Director Ted Alkemade