Campaign Shoot — STL

The world of transportation and logistics is often a closed world. Items are delivered to our homes and to our stores, but we don’t think about the processes that take place before their arrival.

I was hired by Bruut Amsterdam to photograph their production for STL; a transportation company in The Netherlands.

The concept was: “YOU SEE A TRUCK. I SEE THE FREEDOM TO PUSH BOUNDARIES. FOR YOU, ME, OUR ECONOMY AND SOCIETY.” This was developed by the agency Megawatt. We can show the inspirational environment the world of transportation and logistics has to offer, once your mind is open to it!

For photography I focused on the wondering state of the models and highlighted their faces to contrast with the dark environment. The models look comfortable yet curious. They are shot from a lower, more dynamic angle to enlarge the sense of enormousness that the STL environment has.

External Credits
Concept Megawatt
Production Bruut Amsterdam