"Bringing brands and Islamic Female Consumers together in a mutually beneficial way"


For my graduation project at AMFI I wanted to create something that would embody everything I stand for as a creator. The requirement for the project pretty lose the only important requirement was it had to be fashionable and contemporary.


I quickly decided on a subject that had peeked my for a long time: ‘Islamic Millennial Women and the Fashion Industry’.



The Islamic community is the fastest growing economic community in the world, but yet they seem to be one of the worst represented and misunderstood consumers of fashion. With over 91% of de media coverage being negative, the image of Muslim, Millennial women isn’t very good. But why? These women are pioneers in fashion, creating a lifestyle that fits both modernity and. They are entrepreneurs and are on the frontline of design and fashion. These women love Western fashion but give it their own modest twist. It’s a market full of opportunities that brands don’t seem to find their (right) way in.


After having done tons of online surveys and multiple interviews/discussions a clear conclusion emerged.  Islamic Millenial women don’t feel understood by companies and feel misrepresented by both their products and marketing strategies.


My belief has always been that fashion is not something that stands on its own. It’s very important to understand the political, cultural and social aspects of the market you operate within. This seems to be one of the biggest problems for brands when they wanted to start catering for the Islamic Millenial Consumer.


How can we close this gap? And how can we create a space where the consumers felt understood and respected by the brands? Because only then will a brand be able to get everything out of the market that they possibly can.


"I dreamed of being able to look at signature gowns on the runway and imagine myself in one, hijab and all. I dreamed of being included in the mainstream of haute couture & whilst D&G have managed to recognize us with this collection, they’ve also managed to exclude us."


“Only you can tell your story” became the slogan for the concept. The consumer didn’t want to be spoken to, they wanted to be the narrator of their own stories. Not having products that were created for them, but creating the products together with the consumer.


In this time and age, with millennials especially, it’s no longer possible to just spit products into the market. You have to involve the consumer, but for some consumers that have been misrepresented for long times, this is even more important.


“Only you can tell your story” makes a statement but in a very calm way. It’s strong, individual, but at the same time give a sense of belonging to something bigger.“


I created a target-group-research-agency, called ‘Outsider.I Agency’, as an extension of this website. The agency focusses on different misrepresented millennial audiences within fashion, since researching the Islamic Millennial Women showed me that more and more audiences are misunderstood by fashion.


The agency created a website where brands were able to log into and find useful information about working with millennial audiences. The Research is built on five pillars. Each representing a different fashion category and part of the lives of the unique millennials; work, celebration, leaser-time, sport, and intimacy.


With the concept “Only you can tell your story” the agency created informative video’s together with the audience itself to show brands who they were, and what it means for a brand if you want to cater to them.


Outsider.i Agency motivates brands to not stand back, but get close and involve the people you want to reach. By creating a platform, informative website and videos to get more awareness about the problem, I feel like the first step toward this mutually beneficial partnership is set.

Because the final video is still under post-production it is not yet visible online, but I will be happy to send you a version and give more insight into the process and results. 

Please contact: +31634515698