Raiz House
of Movement

Logo Design
Brand asset design

Creating a unique brand identity for the first ethical movement studio in Amsterdam. RAIZ is Amsterdam’s only ethical movement studio.

Yoga, Pilates, and other forms of movement studios have been hot and happening topics in the centre of Amsterdam. Yet co-owners Gabby and Arthur of RAIZ House of Movement took this concept and shook it up a bit. After having worked in a variety of movement studios, they saw the good and the bad and were determined to do things differently.

Too often, people who work at these studios are not paid enough, creating an unsustainable environment. People who came through the doors of the studio were a number, not an individual, and with the large class sizes, there was no space to mingle and build community. RAIZ is doing that differently!

RAIZ is a movement studio that created its own movement, with a focus on community-based sustainable practices. With its authentic and truly inclusive ideas and its two amazing, open-minded, great-energy owners, this place is set to become a hit.

When asked to help them with their Branding for their first studio opening in the centre of Amsterdam I dove in head first. This was an amazing journey, to be sure!

It quickly became clear that ‘creating a little get-away from the madness of Amsterdam’ could be the core of our look and feel, with important elements being an inspiration from Brazil and the tropics. Furthermore, it was important to create an inclusive and accessible design; as this is key in every project I do, meaning not simply choosing colours and typography that are easy to read, but also creating a design that a wide range of people will feel content with and represented in.

For the logo, I took the idea of movement and created a unique type where the ‘a’ stood out as a unique element. This idea of movement is also reproduced in the icon, in which the tropical parrot is in a certain resting yet active posture giving the idea that it could any moment rest on a tree or fly high into the sky. The double line again represents this idea of movement and is implemented throughout the design in different brand asset elements.

Client Feedback

"Gabby and I both agree that working with Isabell has been an absolute delight. Their work perfectly managed to convey the true essence of our company and bring it to life for our community to enjoy.

We love the logo, color palette, and overall the life, soul, and energy that your work has managed to bring to RAIZ.

We also agree that of all investments we made to start our business up, BY FAR the most worthwhile one was to invest in your design prowess.

RAIZ would not be RAIZ without Isabell!" - Arthur, Co-founder RAIZ